Recipe: The Chuck, A Blackberry, Raspberry and Pomegranate Imperial Stout

by Efren Hidalgo January 02, 2017

A berries and pomegranate fermented Imperial Stout aged and soured in both red wine, and bourbon barrels

We've brewed a 5 gallon batch of our latest experiment called, The Chuck, named after the Charles River, and popularized by The Standells' hit single, "Dirty Water". The Chuck was the backdrop to many of my fondest childhood memories. Cookouts, bike rides, play in the park, and the dirty water with floating debris. This is a recipe an attempt at bringing together some of the flavors of summer and the strength of a fine Imperial Stout. With a sour twist ;)

This fruit-fermented*, naturally-soured, barrel-aged Imperial Stout is sure to be a hit!


Amount Fermentable  Use
15 lb Pale 2-Row Mash
1 lb Crystal 40L Mash
1 lb Carapils Mash
8 oz American Black Malt Mash
6 oz  American Chocolate Mash
6 oz UK Black Patent Mash
1 lb Blackberries Secondary
1 bl Raspberries Secondary
1 lb Pomegranate Seeds Secondary


Amount Hop Time Use
2 oz Magnum 60 min Boil
2 oz Cascade 5 min Boil


 Name Lab
White Labs WLP007 (Dry English Ale) White Labs



Primary Secondary
30 days in red wine barrel (65°F) 30 days in bourbon barrel (65°F)


*NOTE: We soaked the berries and pomegranate seeds in vodka for two weeks prior to adding them to secondary fermentation. You can save the fruit-infused vodka to enjoy as a delicious drink, OR add the berries and vodka directly to secondary. It's up to you. Why waste good vodka?

Efren Hidalgo
Efren Hidalgo


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