Recipe: Experimental Tropical NEIIPA

by Efren Hidalgo September 24, 2016

Experimental New England-style Double IPA (NEIIPA)

This post focuses on sharing our latest experimental beer recipe. So far, it tastes and smells like citrusy, tropical beer. We brewed a 5 gallon batch and we transferred it from primary to secondary just a few moments ago.

This New England-style Double IPA (NEIIPA) is sure to be a hit!


Amount Fermentable  Use
7 lb Pilsner Malt Mash
2 lb 2-Row Malt Mash
1 lb Flaked Oats Boil


Amount Hop Time Use
1 oz Columbus Mash Mash
1oz Columbus 60 min Boil
1 oz Riwaka 30 min Boil
1 oz Kohatu 20 min Boil
1 oz Riwaka 10 min Boil
1 oz Riwaka 1 min Boil
1 oz Kohatu 30 min Whirlpool
1 oz Riwaka 5 days Dry Hop


 Name Lab
WLP051 California Ale V Yeast White Labs
Vermont Ale The Yeast Bay



Primary Secondary
5 days 7 days



Efren Hidalgo
Efren Hidalgo