Recipe: Believe me woman, it ain't no big deal. It's your thing.

by Efren Hidalgo February 24, 2017

It's Your Thing

A dry-hopped Session Pilsner. At 4.2% this amber-hued lager packs a light malt punch with toasty Munich character and a light caramel sweetness. From here, things take a sharp turn towards the hoppy flavor, with some serious citrus

packed classic hops.


Amount Fermentable  Use
7.5 lb Extra-Pale Maris Otter Mash
8 oz Caramalt Mash
1.5 lb Munich Mash


Amount Hop Time Use
0.25 oz Cascase 60 min Boil
0.5 oz Cascade 10 min Boil
0.5 oz Centennial 10 min Boil
0.5 oz Chinook 10 min Boil
0.5 oz Amarillo 10 min Boil
2.5 oz Chinook 5 Days Dry Hop
2.5 oz Amarillo 5 Days Dry Hop
3.5 oz Cascade 5 Days Dry Hop


 Name Lab
Yeast Bay's Hessian Pils Yeast The Yeast Bay


Mash Temp

Temp Cool
158° F 50°F



Primary Diacetyl Rest Lager
3 weeks at 48°F 12 hours at room temp 4-6 weeks at 38°F

Efren Hidalgo
Efren Hidalgo